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With the growing digitization across all the economies in the world, it demands to cut short the processes to attain end to end digitization where financial sector has been one of the major priority. The redundant processes which involve paperwork, Manual logistics from both consumer and business side. Slow movement of documents both inter and intra organizations too much human intervention and errors, fails the organizations to attain better consumer experience, faster checkouts and instant compilation as per regulators.

Verismart is a saviour for such businesses and organization, we not only make your on-boarding, KYC compliance automated at back end, but also make it DIY for your end consumers with 3simple steps.

Banks and digital wallets has to follow strict regulation for new user on-boarding by regulators like RBI in India. An average spend of a National bank across globe is 60-70 million dollars and their paper based or partial automated system slows down the new user on-boarding creating a bad consumer experience with highly competitive and expanding market.

After working with few of the top executive and C level management people at different banks we have derived a process, which is able to do instant Authentication, Verification and Profiling of user in no time, which earlier used to take 8-10days and lot of human efforts to complete. With the user profiling we are able to capture more than 1400+data points from both social and financial data of user.

We have built in following checks :

  • Instant National Id based data authentication.
  • Real time User verification based on bio-metrics.
  • Signature mapping and Verification.
  • Anti Money laundering check.
  • Telcom based demographic check and analysis.
  • More secret ingredients and security checks to make the process best possible globally.