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A trust factor is very much required while you get involved in any kind of transaction with an individual, institution, organization or more. For trust establishment an individual follow many check points to understand their customer, partner and consumer as well. In order to automate your process for you to have better understanding of your product or service end user Verismart plays a key role.

  • Save your time and efforts.
  • Create an autonomous access for more data points of the business and individual to have better trust.
  • Automates the on-boarding process of your product/service user.
  • Make you compliant.
  • Create faster check outs.
  • Provide you better Bio-metric security.
  • Make your product remotely accessible even if regulator validation is being involved.
  • Make your cost centric process as revenue centric with the Verismart Identity Blockchain.
  • A individual do their KYC once in lifetime and rest being automated with identity based blockchain. With consent they pass they can control what all information they can share while asking for any product or services.