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With growing digitization across economies the access to the lending which includes both I2P and P2P. Lending involves lot of background check of the individual and multi point authentication and assessment. The new age lending involves assessment social and financial reputation. The platforms have been struggling to automate the entire eligibility check and assessment for quite a time. We at Verismart enable assessment of individual as well as business with the cognitive and big data analytics ran across the data points captured from multiple sources.

Following are the checks and automated assessment we enable via Verismart.

  • Registered business authentication.
  • Individual authentication, Verification and profiling with simple 3step process.
  • Financial data automated capture and analytics on 50+parameters.
  • 1700+different type of bank statement analysis.
  • Social data cognitive analysis.
  • Fast 45seconds lending approval process.
  • Telcom based data demographic assessment and KYC check for instant lending.
  • Again more IP process to and secret ingredients to create best piece for automation at your lending process.