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Telcom is the most widely used service across any country. It's promised to reach out every strata of society, region and enable maximum people to connect remotely, lot of innovations in this part of service added up every quarter, but the process of on-boarding consumers is still obsolete and quite time consuming at both ends. With more and more new products being introduced by telcom operators from Internet service to DTH, wallet and more does ask for strict regulator compliance, better profiling of user. As maximum of the product/service use mobile number verification as one of the important security check during on-boarding so somehow they also become KYC compliant. A Telcom operator spend in a country is approx 250million dollar.

We at verismart has understood their core needs for on - boarding process and built the process which is much beyond only security check. It predicts the human behaviour, spends and much more to provide a consumer a perfect personalize service.

Following are the checks we have built for the Telcom operator :

  • Instant National Id based data authentication.
  • Real time User verification based on bio-metrics.
  • Instant real face bio-metric analysis.
  • Automated Forensics of the document.
  • User profiling based on more than 1400+data point's cognitive analysis captured from social and Financial data.
  • Anti Money laundering check.
  • Bank account based check and analysis.
  • More secret ingredients and security checks to make the process best possible globally.